Skin moisturizing hydrogel is a facial mask with Retinol 8. Delivers hydration and reverses signs of aging. Retinol 8 helps stimulating the skin’s own production of collagen, which makes the skin appear younger, fresher and more translucent. Together with Grapefruit extract, Centella Asiatica, Ceramide-3 and Canola Oil will treat your skin, making it appear softer, firmer and younger looking. The hydrogel technology, which has great dermal affinity, will allow Retinol 8 and the other actives to penetrate the skin, and provide up to 30 hours of moisturization keeping your skin hydrated and soft.
Suggested usage: Verso Facial Mask series are perfect to use once or twice a week together with your daily skincare routine. Left on for 20 minutes.
All masks formulated without: Sulfates, Synthetic dyes, Phthalates, GMOs or Triclosan. 

For any small business wanting to make their mark in the industry, Instagram advertising is an excellent way to create an initial buzz and get your name out there,” said Ryan Channing, the owner of Blaq Mask, one of the most popular blackhead products marketed on Instagram. It launched two months ago and already the brand has 25,000 followers.
Blaq Mask is an activated charcoal mask that comes in a jet black tube. You squeeze a little out, spread it over your blackhead-induced areas and wait until it dries. Unlike ripping off a Band-Aid, this next part cannot be rushed. You gently peel the mask off, uprooting any impurities.

Masks are an interesting product category. Partially for function, but mostly for form. Because, at this point, can't everything be a mask? Apply your Crème de la Mer thick—it's a mask! Conversely, pat on something like the Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask or Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask and let it soak in like a moisturizer and forget about it.
I've gotten used to this, as I'm sure you have too. What I'm less used to: Patting Water Packs. More descriptively, we can call them Splash Masks, which is what the girls at Glow Recipe do. Founders Sarah and Christine stopped by a couple weeks ago with a menagerie of Korean goodies—but the masks stood out (which is saying a lot because Korean products all tend to yell their messages at you before you even get them out of the bag). Mostly because they're not really masks. They look like toners, smell like fruit juice, and take about 15 seconds to “completely retexturize your skin.” Korean pop stars swear by it. Worth a try, obviously.
So here's the run-down: Bring one of these bottles into the shower with you (the Soothing & Healing Green Tea variety gets top marks; followed by Yellow Citrus & Honey. Rejuvenating Purple Berry smelled too much like grape juice to me, but suit yourself). Clean your body, face, hair, what have you. Fill half of the cap with some formula—more than that and it'll just spill. Then pat. All over your face for five to 10 seconds. Then do the same thing with your shower water. That's it! You're done. No sticky residue to deal with, no excess packaging. Just hyper-plump skin.
The “mask' is super potent, hence the patting down with water. I've come to think of it as a replacement for my essences that I'm too lazy to use—though I'm sure die-hard Korean skincare enthusiasts would disagree with that routine. I've also heard of the pretty genius hack of adding several capfuls of your chosen flavor to a bath. As good a reason as any to start scrubbing out your tub, I'd say.

Sheet masks (reliant on gravity to keep them in place) force you to lie down and do nothing while the product works, making them an ideal hangover treatment under which to whine and moan. For this purpose, I use Givenchy’s cooling, soothing Hydra Sparkling Fresh & Fast Masks, £40 for 15, which make me feel and look considerably better in half an hour (teetotals will also see the benefit), but I’m also impressed by Starskin After Party, £8.50 for one.

Peach & Lily, the K-beauty site founded by Alicia Yoon, is already filled with an abundance of extremely well-curated K-beauty products, carrying both under-the-radar labels and big brands alike. (It's also broken down extremely well, making it easy to tackle every issue or find any product fast.) But the new Peach & Lily sheet masks, aptly called Dream Sheet Mask Collection, are all paraben-free and packed with antioxidants. The three different masks in the collection—Good Skin Day, Chubby Cheeks, and Reset Button—are each tailored to different, specific skin needs—yours of which could easily change on a daily basis.

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