Thursday, March 16, 2017

Videos of peel-off blackhead masks have created a viral beauty trend

Videos of peel-off blackhead masks have created a viral beauty trend
MORE than 23 million people have watched this mesmerising video of YouTube beauty vlogger Josie K peeling a blackhead remover mask off her face.
“I have seen so many people do this and so I decided to try this out for myself and see if it works,” Josie says as she paints a jet black goo all over her face. Once it dries, she carefully peels the mask off and examines her nose and cheeks in the mirror.

“Holy crap honey!” she says, thrusting the used mask towards the camera, showing off the tiny bits of dirt and grime it has removed from her face. “My face is so smooth guys and look, like all of my blackheads are gone. It’s amazing. Amazing!” 
While YouTube has long dominated the cult beauty world, the hypnotising, 30-second Instagram beauty video made its mark in 2016.
Just like Kylie Jenner testing lipstick shades on her arm, or women transforming their thin eyebrows into Frida Kahlo-esque arches, videos of peel-off blackhead masks are now flooding our Instagram feeds.
“For any small business wanting to make their mark in the industry, Instagram advertising is an excellent way to create an initial buzz and get your name out there,” said Ryan Channing, the owner of Blaq Mask, one of the most popular blackhead products marketed on Instagram. It launched two months ago and already the brand has 25,000 followers.
Blaq Mask is an activated charcoal mask that comes in a jet black tube. You squeeze a little out, spread it over your blackhead-induced areas and wait until it dries. Unlike ripping off a Band-Aid, this next part cannot be rushed. You gently peel the mask off, uprooting any impurities.

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